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H. Baia Terminus

H. Baia Terminus H. Baia TerminusH. Baia TerminusH. Baia Terminus
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via Venezia, 30
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541962318
Fax : 0541962318

Description :

Hotel Baia Terminus, situated in a quiet area just 30 metres from the sea of Cattolica. Run and managed exclusively by the owners, offering hospitality and courtesy. Hotel Baia Terminus has: Confortable lounge, Satellite TV and bar, Sun-Terrace on the top floor. Guarded and insured car-park. All the cooking is done by the owners and its based on the most genuine flavours of the local cuisine and home-cooking, such as the typical "piadina" and tasty filled pasta: lasagne and ravioli. Buffet breakfast and side dishes.
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