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Hotel Adriana

Hotel Adriana Hotel AdrianaHotel AdrianaHotel Adriana
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via Corridoni, 23
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541.953481
Fax : 0541.952328

Description :

The Hotel Adriana is situated in Cattolica in Rimini, and is situated in a quiet and shady in the city center and at the same time near the sea. Always been managed by family Ridolfi, offers a modern, comfortable and cozy hospitality typical feature of Romagna, the ideal place to spend your vacation at sea in peace and relaxation. 3-star hotel has a lift, lounge, bar, common rooms with air conditioning, a large garden and a parking garage or a customer. A large dining room is at your disposal to enjoy the traditional cuisine of Romagna, where you can sample cuisine prepared especially by the owners. Breakfast, served in a cool and spacious dining room, offers a rich and plentiful buffet in addition to specialties from the area, as home-made tarts, cakes, fresh and also features a wide variety of vegetables and grain for those who want to stay more light.
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