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Hotel D' Annunzio

Hotel D' Annunzio Hotel D' AnnunzioHotel D' Annunzio
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via D Annunzio, 9
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541961721
Fax : 0541961887

Description :

At 50 mt from the sea and 2 steps from the center of Catholic preaching of the hotel is the ideal destination for a restful stay, perfect for those visiting the romagna both for pleasure and for the rest, the hotel is a meeting place Entertainment where internal and external complement to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Directly managed by the family Pratelli, which accepts 3 generations with care and courtesy of its customers and has done their job a way of life. The huge air conditioned dining room, the cozy lounge are air-conditioned, new bathrooms with shower and hairdryer are just some of the novelties of 2009.
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