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Hotel Villa Fulgida

Hotel Villa Fulgida Hotel Villa FulgidaHotel Villa FulgidaHotel Villa Fulgida
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Lungomare Rasi Spinelli, 10
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541953485
Fax : 0541953631

Description :

The Hotel Villa Fulgida is situated in the heart of Cattolica adjacent to the historical and pedestrian centre. Directly on the sea, the Hotel dates back to the end of the 19th Century and it preserves the charm and atmosphere of an old private residence. The sensation on arrival is that of entering a grand home. As our guests you will immediately be made to feel welcome in a warm family atmosphere. The hall characterises and distinguishes the hotel with the wrought iron staircase that accesses the rooms of the Villa, the mosaic floor, the furniture and furnishings. Here in the hall you will be greeted by staff completely at your disposal. They will be able to give you information on the Hotel services, suggestions about the beach, theme parks and local places of interest to visit, in order for your stay to be as pleasant as possible.
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