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Hotel Principe

Hotel Principe Hotel PrincipeHotel PrincipeHotel Principe
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via Carducci, 125
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541963223
Fax : 0541830751

Description :

Only a few steps from the sea Hotel Principe gives our guests a warm welcome in a friendly and bright atmosphere. Since the early 1960's our family has worked to host our guests in the best possible way. The Hotel offers many facilities, such as the heated swimming pool, at which we add the warmth of our typical hospitality. Thanks our excellent service we guarantee your relaxation and satisfy your palate with the inventiveness of our refined Mediterranean menus. We entertain you with evening dancing and candlelight dinners. The Hotel is provided with a mini-club room for children and there is also free entertainment on the beach in front of the Hotel. All this and more is always accompanied by our smile.
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