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Hotel Haiti

Hotel Haiti Hotel HaitiHotel HaitiHotel Haiti
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via Modena, 15
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541962248
Fax : 0541962248
CIR 099002-AL-00023

Description :

Near the sea, in the pedestrian zone of Via Dante, with the convenience of parking at the hotel? Haiti Hotel is the ideal hotel for you and your family. Tasty traditional Romagna cuisine, served at flexible times to completely Buffet Self Service, accurate and genuine, loved by young and old alike to enjoy the full days of fun and sun on the beach. The sun deck and large hot tub, picnic area for the kids and the kitchen dedicated to mothers, the many services offered and the good price, will make you feel at home ... For generations, we take care of those who choose the Adriatic coast as a destination for beach holidays, this year we'll find the Hotel Haiti in Cattolica.
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