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Hotel Aragosta

Hotel Aragosta Hotel AragostaHotel AragostaHotel Aragosta
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via del Turismo, 7
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541963748
Fax : 0541960204

Description :

Newly built and elegantly furnished and is located in a quiet, undisturbed, where guests can spend hours in an atmosphere of serene tranquility. Located near the Park Cattolica ships with a restaurant of our hotel we can offer tantalizing menu for everyone, ranging from the typical dishes of Romagna Cattolica and to the specific menus for celiacs! Among the many hotel deals, we are distinguished courtesy and friendliness of our staff. A relaxed, family environment, where we will ensure a carefree holiday, but comfortable to all our guests. If you reach the hotel by car, it will be interesting to know that the property has both a garage, which car parks, where you can leave their bikes safely and enjoy their holiday in Cattolica absolute relaxation. The choice of staying in our hotels Cattolica is also ideal for those who want to start the circuit near Santa Monica.
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