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H. Waldorf Palace

H. Waldorf Palace H. Waldorf PalaceH. Waldorf PalaceH. Waldorf PalaceH. Waldorf Palace
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via Gran Bretagna, 10
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541951210
Fax : 0541950628

Description :

Situated in a new tourist resort of Cattolica, in a quiet and reserved zone directly near the sea, the Waldorf proposes itself as an ideal environment for who wants to enjoy a holiday on the sea in the name of relax and quietness. The rooms are comfortable and welcoming, the ample lunch hall, the two heated swimming pools, the wellness centre (solarium, steam bath, Uva), the beach under convention and the completely air conditioned environments make of the Hotel Waldorf the ideal reference for you holiday in Cattolica. And in addition to this, as a guarantee for your comfort, the Waldorf is managed directly by the owners with the precise goal to make your stay in Cattolica unforgettable and to entertain you with the politeness typical of the Romagna. Another strength of the Waldorf is the position: the Hotel is located only two steps from the Nautical Centre of Cattolica and the Aquarium Le Navi.
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